Memorandum of Incorporation Long Standard Form CoR 15.1B

Memorandum of Incorporation Long Standard Form CoR 15.1B


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We STRONGLY encourage you to please read our page entitled MOI AND SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENTS and to also have regard to the CIPC explanatory notes concerning this document (which is available on this site under Free Legal Agreements), before you attempt to make use of this document, which we have included on this site for reference purposes.

Due to the importance of the MOI, we reiterate that it may be in your best interests to have a unique MOI drafted by a seasoned legal practitioner. We advise that even if the standard long form of CIPC MOI is used, that you also make use of a seasoned legal practitioner to ensure that the correct elections therein are made, as failure to do so may adversely impact shareholders in the long run.

Again, please have regard to the MOI AND SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENTS page for further information.

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